When The X-Files Meets Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari was laid to rest in his family’s tomb, near the Ferrari plant in Modena, in 1988 at the age of 90 shortly after giving his blessing to the famous Ferrari F40 supercar. Ferrari rested here peacefully up until recently.

According to Reuters, this past Tuesday Italian investigators stated that they had successfully interceded in a conspiracy to abscond with Enzo’s body and hold it for ransom.

Details were scarce. Police in Nuoroa City in Sardinia, Italy revealed only that they discovered the plot during an investigation into arms and drug trafficking in the region. Police said during a news conference that the gang suspected to be responsible for the plot was going to demand a ransom from either the Ferrari family or the supercar company itself, after exhuming Ferrari’s body and stealing away with it.

No other details, bizarre or otherwise, were available at the time.