These New Roads Are Electrifying, Literally

You’ve heard of hybrid cars, you’ve heard of electric cars, but have you heard of electric roads? Well, the world’s first electrified road that will charge electric cars and trucks as they drive over is no open outside of Stockholm, Sweden. While this initial stretch comes in at only just over 2 miles, the government has plans for a 12,500-mile project.

How does it work? Unsurprisingly to some, it works via an embedded electric rail. This will work, somewhat, like some electric mass transit already does. To take advantage vehicles will have to install a special arm that makes contact with the rail as the vehicle drives, thus charging the battery. While this new kind of road coasts a seemingly undoable $1.2 million per kilometer, that still makes it 50 times cheaper (if you can believe it) than an urban tram line.

The developers of the road say the technology helps eliminate the need for roadside vehicle charging stations, which can delay travelers while they wait for their vehicles to charge. It also means car batteries can be smaller since they wouldn’t have to store as much charge, which would help cut battery and manufacturing costs.

Developers of the new road report that the new technology will help reduce the need for roadside vehicle charging stations. These stations can delay travelers and have stopped the world from viewing electric cars as viable, long distance options. They also noted if these roads were installed all over, it could reduce the cost of cars themselves as batteries could be smaller.

Finally, the developers noted that the roads are built in such a way one could walk barefoot over them at no consequence to one’s health.