The Nissan Leaf Gets Upgrades

While other big names like Tesla steal most of the press it turns out the Nissan Leaf is the best selling electric world-wide and its getting an update with almost 300k Leaf models sold.

After seven years without a design refresh, the automaker dropped a new and improved model to continue to dominate the EV world. Although, that task will be a lot tougher thanks to increased competition.

Believe it or not the Leaf has gone seven years without a design refreshment. This task may prove tough with so many competitors.

The new Leaf starts at $30,000 and has a 150-mile range.

Besides traveling farther on the road, the car is an all-around improvement over the outgoing version. It has a stiffer chassis, better steering, a way better design and Nissan’s first foray into semi-autonomous driver (optional feature).