Texas to Become Second State to Allow Motorcycles to Split Lanes?

The Victor crew came across a growing movement in the U.S. to change some particular traffic laws for motorcyclists. According to a report from MSN, Texas lawmakers will be voting on a bill to allow motorcyclists to split lanes of traffic under very specific, heavy traffic conditions.

Texas would become only the second state in the U.S. to allow lane splitting for motorcyclists after California which passed a similar bill in 2016. In California the law about lane splitting had been ambiguous before the bill.

Proponents of lane splitting often cite the high safety record of such laws which are common in Europe. In heavy traffic motorcyclists are often “bumped” by passenger vehicles in heavy stop and go traffic and lane splitting can help reduce this safety hazard. It is also known that such laws can help relieve traffic congestion by allowing motorcyclists to cut to the front of the queue. But a new point is being brought up in the argument for the Texas bill—the high heat of Texas weather combined with heavy traffic can potentially damage air cooled engines on motorcycles.

While the evidence may be in favor of lane splitting, only about 20 percent of Texas legislators are convinced it is a good move for their state.

Joe and Jody Victor would like to go to Texas!

This is for me. I think Jody Victor® and I ought to head to Texas. A new toll road just opened from San Antonio to Austin with the highest speed limit in America at 85 mph. To test the new camera system designed to catch toll evaders (sounds like a new video game), the State of Texas had Hennessey Performance provide a 1200 hp CTS-V high performance Cadillac to make a run in excess of 180. Well, the cameras worked and all said and done the Cadillac hit 220.5 mph which translates into a trip from San Antonio to Austin in about 12 minutes! Hey, Jody what do you say? Let’s go see if they will let us do it? Check it out, here is the article with a video of the run.