Renault Reveals Hydrogen Cell Prototype SUV

Renault recently revealed a prototype of a hydrogen fuel cell driven SUV in a race to catch up with its rivals.

Renault named the vehicle Scenic Vision and stated that it would not be commercially available until sometime in the 2030s. However, a fully electric version will be out by 2024, according to the automaker.

Both contemporary electric cars and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles employ an electric motor. In the case of the fuel cell vehicle the difference is the electricity is produced through using hydrogen, which enhances the range of the battery.

A 16kW fuel cell would extend the car’s range to 800km without recharging. The battery will be twice as light. The result will be a 75% reduction in its carbon footprint compared to a typical  electric model, according to Renault.

Renault’s prototype Scenic Vision comes as the automaker pushes into the future with plants to split its business into an electric arm and a combustion arm.

Sources Reveal Lincoln’s Electrifying Plans

Reuters was informed by three people familiar with Ford Motor Co. plans that they are gearing up to electrify their Lincoln brand in N. America. According to sources they will release five all-electric SUVs through 2026.

The sources stated that all-electric models will supplement or replace the Lincoln models Navigator, Nautilus, Aviator and Corsair.

The automaker boasted that within 24 months they will be able to produce 600k electric vehicles globally and that they will become the undisputed number 2 electric vehicle maker in N. America (presumably behind Tesla).

One of the new Lincoln all-electric SUVs will begin production between late 2024 and early 2025. It will be a large crossover alike in size to their Aviator. It will be built at the Oakville, ON, CA plant which was converted from building combustion vehicles to electric vehicles, according to two of Reuter’s sources.

The sources also stated that some of the smaller Lincoln EV models will be built on the Ford Mustang Mach E platform.

Finally, sources stated that a Navigator sized all-electric Lincoln SUV was planned for production in 2026. It is supposed to be based on the Ford F-150 Lightning.

2023 Range Rover SV

Soon after the 2022 Range Rover comes the 2023 Range Rover SV, which is a new SUV from Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations. According to Land Rover USA it gives consumers even more choices for design details and material choices than ever before.

Land Rover said it will start taking orders for SV early in 2022.

The Range Rover will come standard with the BMW-built, 4.4 liter twin turbo, 523hp, V-8 engine. The pricing will come sometime in January according to Land Rover.

The new Range Rover will include an exclusive front bumper, SV badges on the exterior, five bar grille and there will be seven different wheel options. This as well as 14 color choices but consumers will also be able to choose virtually any color through Land Rover’s Match to Sample technology.

The interior will included monotone, semi-aniline leather with SV embroidery. In January there will be more information on leather options specific to the US market.

Some controls including the Terrain Response, volume and gear shifter will be made of ceramic, but several sustainable wood options will be available too. The long-wheelbase model will have an optional four seat setup that includes a fold down table and small refrigerator.

Aston Martin’s DBX SUV a Huge Success

Aston Martin recently reported a massive 224% sales increase to its dealerships. These sales numbers were largely due to their first SUV, the DBX.

The DBX SUV, which has only been available for about a year, accounted for more than half of Aston Martin’s sale of 2,901 vehicles between January and June.

Aston Martin stated that with the success of their first SUV, the DBX, they have delivered two other new vehicles will help position the company for continued growth.

The DBX went into production in July 2020 has widened the appeal of the company in one of the most lucrative segments of the auto market, SUVs, and has been profitable for Aston Martin’s rivals.

In the first half of 2020 Aston Martins losses were at about 315 million dollars and fell to just $126 million by the end of 2020.


Mazda to Release First All Electric Vehicle, MX-30 Crossover SUV

Mazda will soon release its first all-electric vehicle, the MX-30 SUV. There will also be a plug-in hybrid variant as well. The crossover has a sleek design in the modern Mazda style with a coupe-ish roofline.

While details are foggy, Mazda says the SUV will come with a 35.5 kWh lithium-ion battery pack and a 144 hp front-mounted electric motor. Mazda has made no official statement on range, but speculation says it’ll only be about 100 miles.

The MX-30 fuel-economy has not yet been evaluated by the EPA similar vehicles like the Kona Electric and Bolt EV rate around 120 MPGe.

The MX-30 is already available for pre-order in Europe. Mazda stated that the new vehicle will be available for purchase in the US this autumn in California first and then moving on to other states.

The MX-30 isn’t just a completely new model for Mazda. It is the first time Mazda has produced an electric-only powertrain. The MX-30 is sized much like the CX-3 and CX-30 crossovers. Yet, uses the titling nomenclature of the MX-5 Miata. Perhaps this suggests a performance option available from Mazda in the electric SUV market.


New Renault EV SUV Soon to Be Revealed

Renault is gearing up to increase its electric model drive. It will unveil a new electric SUV concept and a production version of the Dacia Spring. The latter supposedly being Europe’s most affordable electric vehicle.

While few details have been released many believe it will borrow heavily from the Morphoz concept, of course with more production details.

The Morphoz was famous for its so-called “shape-shifting” functions. For example, its ability to shift from 4400mm long in “city mode” to being 4800mm long in “travel mode.” While features like this aren’t likely to be road ready anytime soon the purpose of the Morphoz was to show how flexible a vehicle could be—that is one created by the Renault Mitsubishi Nissan Alliance’s new CMF-EV platform. The new concept is assuredly based on this.

The new SUV was described as Kadjar sized. Its features will compete with other mainstream EV’s like the Skoda Enyag or Kia e-Niro. This is expected to be a new direction in style for Renault. They are expected to use the less radical style elements of the Morphoz.

A final word, it has been confirmed that the Renault emblem will be illuminated on the new vehicle—a first for Renault.


Cadillac Reveals New 300 mile range Lyriq Electric SUV

General Motors has revealed a new electric Cadillac SUV that will offer Tesla-like range. But consumers will have to wait a little longer.

General Motors is calling it the Lyriq and its debut came four months later than GM planned due to the pandemic; however, potential buyers will have to wait a whole 24 months for the Lyriq to be ready for the sales floor.

The Lyriq boasts a 300 mile range beating the Audi E-tron and Jaguar’s I-Pace where as the Tesla Model Y and X crossovers already are in the 300 mile range.

The Lyriq will follow a crossover utility update of the Chevy Bolt and a brand new GMC Hummer pickup planned for next year.

The Cadillac Lyriq will come in both rear-wheel and all-wheel drive. It will include a new version of Super Cruise, a hands free, driver assistance system. Additionally it’ll have a 33 inch touch screen panel that spans the cockpit.


Cadillac’s “best selling” SUV Gets Made Over

Cadillac’s XT5 is a best selling model and the automaker isn’t looking to let a flagship model fall behind the times. The 2020 model will have major upgrades. 40 in total by most people’s counting. The engine gets the bulk of them with technology and trim coming up behind. These features come from the XT5’s siblings XT6 and 4 models.

The XT5 interior is getting a whole new console and user experience—what is now popularly known as an infotainment interface. Cadillac calls it CUE. The new version can be controlled via voice, touch or rotary controller.

The new engine option in the 2020 XT5 will be a 2.0 liter turbo-4 engine. The previous engine, a 3.6 liter V-6, will still be available.

While the appearance does get an upgrade, the new generation won’t look all that different from the last one. There are only small front and back fascia changes in addition to new trim. Additionally, trunk lids are now getting labeling which denotes the engine choice.

The new XT5 is sure to solidify Cadillac’s SUV range as sport utility vehicles go on to take over sedan sales.

ID Lounge, VW’s New Luxury SUV


At the Shanghai motor show in April, Volkswagen will introduce the tentatively titled ID Lounge as their new seven-seat SUV. Similar in dimension to the 3rd gen Toareg, the ID will be sold as a top range luxury model.

As used by the ID Buzz MPV, the ID Lounge will be based around Volkswagen’s largest, new version of the MEB platform. It will likely arrive in 2021 and could rival Tesla Model X and Nio ES8.

Again like the ID Buzz, expect the ID Lounge to come with a four-wheel driveline. It will employ two electric motors, one per set of rear and front wheels. Output is expected to be around 369bhp.



Toyota’s Go Any Where Van

Toyota has started shipping of the Land Cruiser Utility Commercial; a two-situate van variant of its ultra-extreme SUV.

Eliminating the back seats authorizes additional space, which aggregates 1574 liters in the littler, short-wheelbase form, with a heap limit of up to 593kg.

The long-wheelbase auto, which in traveler shape would be a seven-seater, can convey up to 756kg behind the front seats, with a heap territory of 2216 liters. The two autos get a non-slip stack straight floor and a metal bulkhead isolating the traveler and payload regions.

As opposed to supplanting the windows with sheet metal, they’re rather secured with a body-shaded film. The long-wheelbase rendition keeps up the five-entryway body style of the traveler form, as opposed to erasing them by and large, however the blocked windows are not openable.

Not at all like the traveler conveying Land Cruiser, the Utility Commercial just gets a side-pivoted rear end, as opposed to the side-pivoted back end and glass back end of the traveler auto. Programmed lights and a tire weight screen come as standard, and also Trailer Sway Control for the long-wheelbase auto. The two variants are fit for towing three tons.

Toyota hasn’t entered this market before in the UK, in spite of the fact that it has beforehand offered the auto in Ireland. No business figures have been anticipated, yet independent ventures, agriculturists and protect administrations are probably going to think about the vehicle. 80 orders have just been taken for this present year, nonetheless, implying that it’s on course to satisfy the UK’s 150-unit portion for 2018. 2019 deals are required to top this.