New Renault EV SUV Soon to Be Revealed

Renault is gearing up to increase its electric model drive. It will unveil a new electric SUV concept and a production version of the Dacia Spring. The latter supposedly being Europe’s most affordable electric vehicle.

While few details have been released many believe it will borrow heavily from the Morphoz concept, of course with more production details.

The Morphoz was famous for its so-called “shape-shifting” functions. For example, its ability to shift from 4400mm long in “city mode” to being 4800mm long in “travel mode.” While features like this aren’t likely to be road ready anytime soon the purpose of the Morphoz was to show how flexible a vehicle could be—that is one created by the Renault Mitsubishi Nissan Alliance’s new CMF-EV platform. The new concept is assuredly based on this.

The new SUV was described as Kadjar sized. Its features will compete with other mainstream EV’s like the Skoda Enyag or Kia e-Niro. This is expected to be a new direction in style for Renault. They are expected to use the less radical style elements of the Morphoz.

A final word, it has been confirmed that the Renault emblem will be illuminated on the new vehicle—a first for Renault.


Renault Reports Record Profits

Renault, the French auto company, reported very high profit and sales for 2017. This supports CE Carlos Ghosn’s posit that new government demands will only strengthen the alliance with partner Nissan.

Renault saw 17.4 percent surge in profit–their highest ever at $4.84 billion, a 6.6% revenue. That is up by almost 15%. These results blew analysts expectations out of the water when it comes to Renault’s operating profits.This does not include the recent consolidation with AvtoVAZ in Russia. Manufacturing costs savings increased 663 million euros.

Renault aims to maintain this operating margin of 6% or higher in 2018–despite currency changes that could damage them. This strong showing financially may help Ghosn from a closer relationship with Nissan based on pressure from the French government.


Carmaker Alliance Sets Up $200 Million Start-Up Fund

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is getting together a $200 million pot to fund a new mobile tech startup. It would be a 40/40/20 split between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi respectively.

The new mobility tech fund due to be unveiled by Chief executive Carlos Ghosn at the CES tech industry show in Las Vegas next month will allow the auto alliance to move fast on acquisitions ahead of their competition.

The new fund will be revealed by the Carlos Ghosn, CE, at the CES tech industry show, Las Vegas, next month. Presumably to get moving on acquisitions ahead of their competition.

Buyers’ new propensity for favoring particular vehicles intended for certain requirements rather than the generally useful autos of today will prompt a decrease in private-auto possession. The expanding velocity of advancement, particularly in programming based frameworks will additionally build interest for upgradeability in secretly utilized autos. Availability, nearby independent innovation, will additionally enable autos to end up a stage for travelers to utilize their opportunity in travel arranged for to gainful exercises.

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi finance is being set up as a Dutch-enlisted joint wander headed by Francois Dossa. Renault has made ventures including Marcel, an auto sharing stage based out of Paris, and Jedlix, a Dutch brilliant vehicle-charging innovation creator. Renault’s venture arm took control of bombed on-request taxi-hailing application Karhoo to relaunch the business under new administration.

James Bond Cars: A View to a Kill

Movie 14: A View to a Kill (1985)

In Roger Moore’s final movie as Bond, he investigates millionaire industrialist Max Zorin who was trained and financed by the KGB. Zorin’s plans were to destroy Silicon Valley in order to monopolize the microchip market.

Bond destroys the plot Zorin has to detonate explosives along the Hayward and San Andreas faults.

Bond commandeers a Renault 11 taxi to pursue the Bond girl in this movie, Stacey Sutton daughter of an oil tycoon.