Elio Motors

Ever hear of Elio Motors? Currently they are taking reservations for this Ultimate Commuter Vehicle. They are allowing 65,000 total and there are over 4000 left to lock in the price of $7,300. For extra fees they will move you up in line.

You can reserve all in and get the limmited edition Elio T-shirt and bumper sticker. Other premiums include headphones and 25% bonus on reservation amount.

So about the car. It gets 84 mpg, costs as low as $7,300, and has only three wheels. It is a one-person car made for commuting. It is made in America in Shreveport, LA at a former GM plant.

There are three airbags, a uni-body, 3 cylinder .9 liter engine. It holds 8 gallons of gas and gets 84 mpg highway. You can get it in 5-speed manual or automatic transmission. It will go over 100 mph. It has a small 27″ x 14″ x 10″ trunk, air conditioning, heater, am/fm stereo, power windows, cruise control, disc brakes, and 36,000 mile warranty. Pep Boys will be the official service center for service and warranty work. There are many other options for upgrades like leather seating, stereo upgrades, etc.

The colors it comes in are Rocket Silver, Sour Apple, Creamsicle, Red Hot, True Blue, Licorice, and Marshmallow.

Zero Motorcycles

It seems that the world of electronic vehicles has traded in two of its wheels to ride on only two. A company called Zero Motorcycles (presumably meaning zero emissions) has rolled up to the line, ready to take off under electronic-only motors.

The first prototypes appeared in 2006, but today their motorcycles are regular production vehicles available for purchase by the public. The motorcycles are currently assembled completely in California.

One special caveat of these motorcycles is a lightweight design enhanced by the use of aircraft grade aluminum. Zero currently offers four models of motorcycle to choose from. All their models feature a an almost zero maintenance power-train that uses direct drive technology. This systems sends power directly from the motor to the wheel via a silent constant tension belt. This minimizes friction loss by completely eliminating clutches and gears. This system also produces such a reduced amount of heat under regular operation that the whole system is air-cooled. This reduces weight and increases efficiency. Not only this, but logically if there are less parts there are lest mechanical problems to worry about.

Its great to see a new, innovative American company making responsible, but attractive and hip product.


Joe Victor