A Brief History of Ferrari: The Spirit of Ferrari Lives On

Through the 70’s Enzo Ferarri and the racing team continued to win championships and innovate new racing vehicles and receive honors from the Italian government. In 1987 Enzo would commission his last car, the F40. In 1988 Enzo Ferrari dies at the age 90.

In 1993 the hiring Jean Todt as Sporting Director revitalized the F1 racing team. Sporting Director Michael Schmaucher helped earn the team three wins in 1996. Schmaucher and the F1 team continued to take home championships in the early new century.

Today Ferrari, the “prancing pony,” remains emblematic of style, fashion, speed and championship racing. There vehicle line is much desired the world over and through the decades have been featured in pop media from movies to music videos to video games. Many gear-heads fascinated with speed remain fascinated with Ferrari as the spirit of Enzo lives on into the 21st century.


Joe Victor

A Brief History of Ferrari: A Racing World Phenomenon

The Victor crew continues with more information about Enzo Ferrari and his contributions to the car world.

Throughout the decades after the release of the 125 S Ferrari would become name chiseled in the stone of of racing legend. In 1952 Ferrari become World Champions for the first time thanks to Alberto Ascari and again in 1953. Also in 1952 Enzo Ferrari is made a Cavaliere del Lavoro for his services to the industry and to help enhance Italy’s international reputation.

The next decade or so would see continued success, but not without hardship. 1956 was a tough year for Enzo personally, his much-loved son Dino would die from his life long battle with muscular dystrophy. Enzo and Dino had been working on a new1500cc V6 engine and Enzo kept him on the design team right up until the end. 10 months later the engine was completed—this and every other V6 engine ever created by Ferrari have been named after Dino in his honor.

The 60’s saw Ferrari company become a Limited Liability Company and Enzo would be given an honorary degree in mechanical engineering by Bologna University. The United Nations would give Enzo a Hammarskjöld prize. Enzo builds a professional and artisanship training institute dedicated to Dino.

However, 1961 would be a year of great loss for the company as tensions between Enzo’s wife Laura (who helped run the company) and long time sales manager Girolamo Gardini would cause the walk out of not only Gardini, but the racing team manager, the chief engineer and experimental race car development chief. This group of ousted employees would go on to immediately form a rival company know as ATS. Some cite Enzo’s strong personality as another reason for the so-called “great walkout”.

Despite these setbacks Enzo Farrari continued to win races, grow his brand and increase the legend of the “prancing pony”.

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