Porsche Taycan Receives Updates; Porsche Brings Back Classic Colors

Porsche’s Taycan will receive some updates for the new model year, including additional range, new connectivity options, and classic exterior point options.

Porsche has a new Paint to Sample system which adds a whopping 65 colors on top of the 17 original ones. These include, Acid Green, Moonlight Blue Metallic, Rubystar Red, Viola Metallic, Riviera Blue and others that are a call back to models like the 964 generation 911.

A premium version of Paint to Sample, Pain to Sample Plus allows customers to submit a custom color. This will run one a mere $8,568 and a minimum six-month wait time.

The current model will receive some technology based updates to the drivetrain that will increase its range.  Additionally, the Taycan’s thermal management and charging functions will have improvements. This will include a system to use waste-heat from the electronic components to improve the regulation of battery temperature.

Android Auto will now be compatible with Porsche Communication Management system which will come with an improved, higher quality voice control system. Also, a there will be an optional remote parking assistant package available for the Taycan.

Finally, access to Porsche’s destination charging program will be improved. The program includes 2000 destinations at which Taycan owners can charge their vehicles free of charge.


Porsche Recalls 43,000 Taycan EVs Over Software Issue

Porsche, well known luxury sports car maker, recalled 43,000 electric Taycan cars when they found a glitch in the software that can cause the electric engine to suddenly shut down.

The recall is out for all Taycan vehicles produced and delivered by June according to Porsche. Porsche is offering a free software update to fix the issue.

The Taycan was launched just last year.

Porsche told the press that while there are no known accidents associated with the software issue, it had been observed in 130 Taycan vehicles.

The Taycan is a low riding, four-door, sports car. It has a 280 mile range. It is Porsche attempt to attract high-end customers into their EV market.

Porsche noted that an over-the-air software update would not be possible for the Taycan and that owners should expect a one-hour visit to fix the issue.

Porsche Claims 911 May Never Go All Electric

Porsche, the world-renowned luxury automaker from Germany, stated that it expects to increase sales of its all electric vehicles in the coming years. However, fans and customers should not expect an electric vehicle version of the company’s celebrated 911 sports car in the near future if at all.

Oliver Blume, Porsche CEO, that the 911 would absolutely be the last of their models to be modified for full electrification if it ever becomes electric at all. Porsche seems to stand firm on its declarations about the future of 911 even amid announcements they will plan for about 80% of their vehicles to be electrified by 2030.

Porsche called the 911 their “icon.” Porsche stated during a recent press conference that the concept of the 911 doesn’t allow for it to become fully electric and remain a 911. Specifically they stated the read mounted engine as the primary reason, that they weight of the batteries in the rear would be make the car undriveable.

Porsche reported 17% percent of its global sales were electrified last year. A third of those sales were in Europe.


2021 Porsche Panamera Variant Sets Nurburgring Lap Record

Porsche has set a new lap record at Nurburgring with its 2021 Panamera, taking the 13 mile track in just 7 minutes and 29.81 seconds. The previous record, 7 minutes 30.11 seconds was set by the Mercedes AMG GT 63 S in 2018. The 63 S did manage 7 minutes 25.41 seconds on a slightly shorter version of the track but couldn’t beat out the Panamera there either, Porsche came in at 7 minutes 25.04 seconds.

Porsche didn’t confirm which Panamera variant was driven but some believe it is like the Turbo S E-Hybrid variant. This variant is expected to generate a little more power than the 671bhp of the current S E-Hybrid. The new Panamera should reduce its 0-62mph time to below 3.4 seconds and the top speed should move closer to 200mph.

The new Panamera will benefit from chassis and engine upgrades and perhaps enhanced electromechanical roll stabilization.

The record assessors did confirm the Panamera as a production car but it did include a racing seat and safety cage for running the lap.



Porsche and Boeing Working on Flying Car Prototype

Just when it seems that the flying cars Futurism promised us sink back into the fog of fiction, someone resurrects the idea into a prototype that makes it feel as if flying cars are in our near-future reality.

Now Porsche and Boeing have teamed up to see how far they can push the concept into reality. The duo announced recently that they are in the planning stages of a concept vehicle that would feature a “fully electric” vertical takeoff and landing ability they are calling EVTOL.

As one might expect from Porsche concept designers the sketches of the version so far look like something a superhero might drive. This project actually involves three partners (kind of)—Porsche, Boeing and the Boeing owned Aurora Flight Sciences. AFS works on unmanned aerial vehicles. And AFS did release a new one recently, but it looks more like a traditional aircraft. Together the three are going to explore what kind of market might exist for premium flying vehicles.

Boeing’s NeXt unit is in charge of their so-called urban air mobility projects and use Aurora’s resources to develop the EVTOL craft.

Among the EVTOL rivals are Larry Page’s Kitty Hawk project which was granted testing approval from New Zealand and NFT which has developed an SUV sized vehicle that can drive and fly. NFT thinks it will begin selling vehicles around 2025 which is approximately when Porsche believes their sales will begin.

Spy’s Get Details on New Porsche Cayenne Coupe’

Porche is ramping up to unveil a coupe model of the Cayenne SUV in the next few months and a prototype has been sighted on winter testing grounds.

Spied previously at Nurburging and presenting a retracting spoiler, the Cayenne coupe is aiming its sights at the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe’. Expanding the palette of the Cayenne offerings it is expected to share most of its features with its more traditional brothers and sisters.

The pictures capture by a “spy” demonstrate that coupe’ maintains its siblings front-end design, but a different bumper. In a decision reflecting its target-rivals. Yet, it has a different, liftback gate, new rear side windows and tail-lights. All of this to provide a more “sporty” design.

The retractable rear spoiler, which spies had only seen before in its down position, looks like it raises and lowers as one piece, unlike the split design on the 2nd gen. Panamera.
All in all an interesting offering from Porsche

New Porsche Cayenne to Best Competitors?

Porsche’s new Cayenne model, due in ’19, looks like it’ll give the BMW X6 and Mercedes GLE Coupe a run for their money. Rumor has it sales in the UK will begin as early as the 4th quarter in 2019. The Cayenne coupe is going to much resemble its sibling and be built at the Leipzig, Germany Porsche factory.

The new model Cayenne will get the front-end style of its sister model, the 3rd gen Cayenne, but the front bumper will be an all new design. It will, however, feature a lift-back style tailgate, much like its rivals. New rear and side windows and the redesigned tailgate will give it an updated, more sporty style much like the 2nd gen Panamera.

Coming to the road with a 440bhp version of the twin-turbo 2.9 liter V6 or the 550bhp twin-turbo 4 liter V8 it’s clear that Porsche intends the new Cayenne as a performance model. As of yet no diesel version of the model are in the works.

Porsche to Offer New Turbo S Exclusive Series

Porsche aficionados will excited for the new Turbo S Exclusive, as Porsche has not skimped on exclusivity either in style or power.

The Exclusive Series will come standard with the Aerokit, new rear fascia, black calipers, new exhaust and the Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur fender plates. Buyers can also choose options like the new, “exclusive” Golden Yellow Metallic paint matched to the wheels and interior accents. Other select paint colors available.

Two stripes of Golden Yellow run the entire length of the cabin, matching the headrest and headliner design as well. The carbon fiber interior kit incorporates thin copper thread.

The 3.8-liter twin-turbo flat-six receives a power kit, boosting power from 580 hp to 607 hp, with a torque output of 553 lb-ft. The Exclusive Series includes Porsche’s PDK seven-speed dual-clutch automatic, allowing a gallop from 0-60 mph in just 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 205 mph.

Pricing begins at $258,550, not much more than a maxed-out Turbo S. There are only going to be 500 of these built, lending credence to the moniker “Exclusive Series.”


911 GT3 Bests Predecessor’s Lap Time

Porsche premiered its new track-ready 911 GT3 in Geneva and it bested the previous model by 12 seconds with a 7:12.7 lap time. While cosmetically virtually the same, the 2018 GT3 is improved in most performance aspects.

Porsche reports that the vehicle has 20 percent more downforce, while maintaining the same drag coefficient. Porsche have created a version of the high-revving, flat-six engine from the GT3 Cup race car—this and a new crankshaft, intake system cylinder head and valvetrain all are a part of the team of improvements that power the the 500 HP, 8250 RPM and 339 lb-ft of torque which send the 2018 GT3 to 60 MPH in a blinding 3.2 seconds.

Assuming the Nordschleife track time of 7:12.7 is accurate, the GT3 is one of the 10 fastest production cars to make the run. However, the GT3 has nothing on the legendary 918 Spyder which made the run in a mere 6:57.

Despite that, those with a need for speed will likely be satisfied with the $145K production car that is the 2018 Porsche GT3.

A Short But Sweet Ride: Gate-to-Gate Chauffeur Service

Many of us would probably place getting from gate to gate to catch a connecting flight in our top 10 list of travel pet peeves. For high flying high rollers this tantrum-causing travel inconvenience just got a lot sweeter.

Three major airlines offer a tarmac chauffeur service to their big spending frequent fliers to get them to their connecting flight in comfort and style. United Airlines teamed up with Porsche to provide this service. Delta has teamed up with Mercedes.

Not wanting to fall behind in the race to keep fabulous jet setters happy, American Airlines teamed up with Cadillac to provide it’s ConciergeKey club members with gate-to-gate service. The service will be test-piloted at Los Angeles International Airport, but American Airlines plans to expand the service to Dallas-Ft. Worth International Airport, New York’s LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport.

The service isn’t available by request and ConciergeKey membership is by invitation only! However, Cadillac will soon be offering frequent flier points for test-driving Cadillacs.

Source: http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-american-airlines-teams-up-with-cadillac-20141003-story.html

Joe Victor