Ex Google engineers resent Nuro auto-delivery vehicle

Startup Nuro.ai has come up with $92 million to create test models of a car that no human, supposedly, will ever be seated inside. The “R1” is a low-speed delivery vehicle that would open its hatch via an app when it reaches its destination. Nuro.ai hopes for a legal fleet of road-ready R1s by 2022.

The proposed app wold not only provide a code so customers can get their goods, but provide tracking information on the vehicle for the customer. Nuro is also considering integrating facial recognition into the app and car system.


The L.A. has already sorted the necessary permits to test the cars from the state DMV. R1s will hit the road for trial this year. The car will rely on very little human input according to Nuro. It would rely heavily on complex mapping, cameras, radars and other devices for navigation.

The company was found by ex-Google employees Ferguson and Zhu