Jaguar’s New F-Pace SVR

Jaguar will complete the change overs in its model range with the new F-Pace SVR that has many improvements.

The F-Pace SVR is recorded as doing 0-60mph at 3.8 seconds and the top speed is 178MPH, both of which are slightly better than the previous model. Even with the performance boosts the overall CO2 emissions are down to 6g/km and the new SVR’s fuel economy also improved.

Other revisions include a new steering rack, better road feel and electronic brake booster that shortens the pedal and improves feel. There is new adaptive damping and chassis bushes that increases the benefits of the vehicle’s “Dynamic” mode and creates more comfort in the soft driving modes.

All new features are present in the cabin as well. Fancier materials and trim details are seen throughout the cabin, this includes new finishes and new stylized rotary dial to select drive mode. The new F-Pace SVR has the new Jaguar Pivi Pro infortainment system with a 11.4 in screen.

The new 2021 F-Pace SVR is now available for pre-order at £77,595.

Jaguar F-Type Getting an Update

Jaguar is restyling its iconic F-Type under the new directorship of Julian Thomson. Many believe that the all-aluminum, front engine, British icon has never looked better.

Obviously diving into their heritage Jaguar is now writing “Est. 1935” on various places on the F-Type. Besides looks though the F-Type is experiencing other changes that may have some excited and others not as these are performance changes.

The F-Type range’s engine no longer employs a six-cylinder option, instead they are offering a detuned and supercharged V8 in the mid-range model. This is now the only engine with rear or four-wheel drive available.

The F-Type also has four choices in trim levels; however, not every engine is compatible with each trim package. As an example the basic-level trim which includes passive suspension, open differential and 18 inch rims can only come with the four cylinder P300. The P450 is most compatible with the R-Dynamic trim comes with electronic limited slip differential and adaptive dampers as standard.

Finally a convertible is going to be about £5500 more than a coupe.

Jaguar Develops 3D Printed Glove to Aid and Protect Workers

In recent news a variety of automakers like BMW, Ford, General Motors et al have announced prototypes or trials of exoskeletons or other worker-aid devices. Jaguar has joined the party with something simple, but innovative: a glove, 3D-printed, that helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

These types of injuries are about 30% of workplace injury according to Jaguar. The glove is lattice-type structure meant to protect the hands of workers on assembly lines.

Initially Jaguar’s glove was meant specifically just for workers who deal with clips and fasteners but Jaguar found the glove useful for many workers.

Understandable. There are 100s of conditions and injuries that make up one third of employee compensation payouts.

Jaguar’s Gaydon site in the UK where the company is developing 3D printing technology invented the glove whose structure supports the hand to reduce muscle fatigue but also had to be comfortable enough to wear and flexible enough so workers could complete their task.

The glove team is already working on a second-generation glove that includes padding intended to absorb impacts. The future of the glove could include not only preventing injury and repetitive movement injuries but also help patients recover.


Jaguar Gets Back to Sports Sedans w/ Techy New XE

Even though your typical Jag showroom today is going to be a hoard of up-scale SUVs, the British car maker isn’t abandoning its roots. As evidenced by the XE sport sedan shown at the NYC international Auto Show.

The 2020 XE is all traditional Jag. Literally the only thing some diehards may miss is the “Leaper” hood decoration—the namesake cat now lives in the middle of the XE’s big grille. Despite this change, the XE hasn’t changed all that much in basic line and shape. It has drawn some inspiration, of course, from the F-Pace SUV. In particular the front end is wider, lower and has more “muscle” with J-shape running lights.

Also, all lighting, to no great surprise, has gone LED. The bumper and taillights get a revision as well.

The major upgrades are all tech, like the video mirror system that helps with the limited view caused by the roofline. A flip-switch gives the driver a view captured by outside camera. However, the view is wider than a regular mirror display, taking some getting used to. Other tech updates also include Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and the wireless cell charging system Qi.

Jaguar Pilots “Carpe” Subscription Lease Vehicle Service

Jaguar/Land Rover is putting its newest commercial offering via its InMotion Ventures arm—this service will be a subscription based lease program on select vehicles. The service will be tested in the company’s home market of the UK before possibly branching out to other markets.

One pricing example the company gave was 1,134 pounds a month for a Jaguar E-Pace compact SUV. That included local taxes. For something like a Range Rover Sport, one is looking at 2,224 pounds a month. Carpe launched in the UK, officially, after its trial run from Jan-May this year.

JLR noted that the successful trial tells them that there is a demand for more flexible leasing. Something between a rental car and a 2-3 year lease. JLR wants to expand the available packages. Once JLR tests its home market with various packages and vehicles (like the Jag F-type or the I-Pace full electric), it may consider other markets.

JLR is falling in line behind other high-end automakers like Volvo, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz in offering this kind of short-term leasing based on a monthly fee. Carpe contracts are 12 months, unlimited mileage, and no deposit is needed.



Under Pressure Regulatory Pressure Jaguar Culls Its Heard

Auto maker Jaguar is eliminating the its XE and XF S models, which employ their supercharged 6-cylinder engine. Jaguar sited poor sales as well as emissions regulations as their reasoning. The nearest replacements are the 300 models which employ Jag’s 296bhp 4-cylinder turbo. The same engine from their entry level F-Type.

In the wake of these model eliminations we might see more V6 models taken off-market. Much of this could be related to new emissions tests that have increasingly tough targets for automakers to meet, Jaguar may need to eliminate more models to help bring down the companies average CO2 output.

A Jaguar spokesman said: “We have introduced the 296bhp 2.0L Ingenium, our most powerful four-cylinder engine yet, at a better price point [than the S models] which we are directing customers to, [so that they are] still getting a Jaguar driving experience but more efficiently.”

Jaguar F-Type

The Jaguar F-Type is a 2 passenger high-performance sports car. You can get a coupe or convertible. It features supercharged engines and advanced braking technology.

The Coupe comes in F-Type, F-Type Premium, F-Type S, F-Type S AWD, F-Type R, F-Type SVR, and F-type British Design Edition. Prices for the Coupe range from $61,400 to $125,950 base price.

The Convertible models are the same with prices ranging from $65,400 to $128,800 base price.

Here is Motor Trend’s review of the SVR

The Victor Crew

Jaguar F-Pace

The Jaguar F-Pace is a 5 passenger SUV. It was inspired by the Jaguar F-Type, so it performs like a sports car. It has a 33.5 cubic-foot cargo space in back, connectivity through it’s InControl® system. The Jaguar F-Pace Models include the F-Pace, the F-Pace Premium, F-Pace Prestige, F-Pace R-Sport, F-Pace S, and F-Pace First Edition. They run in price from $40,990 to $69,700 base price.

Here is a review of the Jaguar F-Pace crossover SUV

The Victor Crew

Jaguar XJ

First off you can choose either a standard or long wheelbase on this model. This is a full-size 5 passenger luxury sedan. It features quilted seats and rear seat entertainment system. Choose from XJ R-Sport, XJ R-Sport AWD, XJ Supercharged, XJR, XJL Portfolio, XJL Portfolio AWD, XJL Supercharged, XJR LWB. Expect to pay from $74,400 to $121,000 base price.

Here is a closer look at the XJL:

The Victor crew