BMW has just unveiled its i3 electric car.

Hey Jody,
BMW is setting out to rethink the automobile of tomorrow. They say the i3 electric car is emission-free and silent while driving, and is environmentally-conscious. It is made of high-quality sustainable materials, with an aero-dynamic exterior. It is a hatchback that comes in white, silver, gray, dark gray, and solar flare orange. It has a stripe that runs down the roof in black. It’s starting prices is $41,350. It has a 22-kilowatt, 450-pound lithium-ion powertrain. It will go 80-100 miles (170 hp). (It will go 0-60 in 7 seconds.) You can also get a 34-hp 650cc two-cylinder generator (like the Chevy Volt) to extend its range.

The concept car was presented 2 years ago in Germany.

~ Joe Victor