8th Generation Volkswagen Golf R Packs More Punch

Volkswagen’s newest (8th gen) Golf R is the most powerful and fastest series-production version of the popular hatchback yet.

Akin to its stable partners the new Arteon R and Tiguan R the new, powerful Golf R has 316bhp and 310lbft in its new version of the turbo charged 2.0-liter, four-cylinder gasoline engine.

The power and torque boosts come from the fourth creation of the EA88 unit, the Evo4, the Golf R can do 0-62mph in just 4.7 seconds. Volkswagen also has stated that peak torque is reached at 2100rpm all the way up to 5350rpm.

The focus of updating the Golf R has been a collection of tweaks to the drivetrain intended to improve agility and responsiveness rather than pure power.

The Golf R receives the same upgraded version of VW’s torque-vectoring technology which distributes drive evenly between the rear wheels rather than just between front and rear axle. This is done using a pair of electronically operated multi-disc clutches. The system will balance engine output in just milliseconds.

The Golf R is most physically different from others because of a 20mm suspension drop and items like a new front splitter, rear diffuser and quad-exit exhaust and new wheel designs.


VW Leaks Info on Fastest Golf Yet

VW has leaked drawings of a new Golf GTI TCR setting between the GTI Performance and Golf R as far as power ratings. It will be the fastest Golf to date, reaching max speeds of 164MPH. This new Golf is a road-ready version of the 345bhp GTI TCR Racer—the car that races in the World Touring Car Cup.

The new Golf isn’t dissimilar from the 2016 Clubsport Edition 40. The GTI’s 40th birthday edition. The TCR is ready to rock with 286bhp. No times are yet confirmed, but the new TCR will beat the GTI Perf. Model’s 0-62mph benchmark of 6.2 secs.

Its turbo engine reaches 286bhp at 5-6k rpm. It has a max torque of 273lb ft. It is a seven speed, dual-clutch and includes a front axle differential lock that VW claims will give it “perfect traction”. It’ll be revealed at the GTI meet at Wörthersee.