General Motors Getting Greener

By late 2020 General Motors claims its Spring Hill plant will be 100 percent solar powered.

Their green tariff with the Tennessee Valley Authority should supply as much as 100 megawatts of solar energy per year, equivalent to the yearly usage of 18,000 US households. The energy will come from the Origis Energy solar farm being built in Lowndes County, Mississippi

The project is possible through the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Green Invest program.

This will increase General Motor’s renewable energy usage to 50% of its electricity usage by 2023. General Motor’s coal is to have 100% renewable electricity usage at all its GM-owned cites by 2030.

Green tariff solutions are a primary part of General Motor’s renewable energy plan. They let the company work with utility providers to provide renewable energy for its facilities.

At 2,100 acres Spring Hill is the largest GM facility in North America. 700 acres of used for farming, another 100 are a wildlife habitat that includes wetlands and native grasslands. The wildlife habitat received a Gold rating from the Wildlife Habitat Council. The actual plant itself makes Acadias, Cadillac XT5s and XT6’s as well as several of GM’s engines.

General Motors is ranked number 12 on the United State’s EPA National Top 100 List for largest green power users from their Green Power Partnership program. The EPA has stated that General Motor’s choice to use green energy helps to promote voluntary switch over to renewable energy and helps develop those resources.


Spike Lee’s New Short Film Will Reveal 2021 Escalade

Oscar award winner and director Spike Lee’s new short film will be, more or less, a Cadillac commercial for the 2021 Escalade. The film will debut in Hollywood on February 4th.

The Escalade, for many, is the jewel in GM’s new large-truck-sport-utility crown. The Escalade has a global sales 900,000 thousand units including previous EXT and hybrid models and the newer EXT. The Escalade has been highly profitable and is recognizable and desirable world-wide.

Spike Lee and his film production company have produce over 35 films. Lee is most well known for his films like “Malcom X”, “Do the Right Thing”, “He Got Game”, “The 25th Hour” and more.

Cadillac revealed that one new luxury feature of the ’21 Escalade will be a organically curved OLED dashboard screen with a whopping 38 inches of display area.
The ’21 Escalade could range up to $90,000 but will start around $75k.

GM Sets Its Sights on Autonomous Taxi Service

The Wall Street Journal reports that General Motors aims to launch a public ride-sharing service across several cities that uses fully self-driving cars by 2019, potentially becoming the first traditional car maker to deploy autonomous technology at scale in the real world.

Describing self-driving cars as “the biggest thing since the internet”, the company said it eventually expected to make profit offering rides to the public for as little as $1 a mile. Car makers are racing to develop self-driving cars to use in fleets of robo-taxis in order to tap into a potentially lucrative new market and gain first-mover advantage in an industry that McKinsey says will be worth $1.5tn by 2030.

Huge hurdles remain before any manufacturer can roll out vehicles in the real world, both in developing the technology and in convincing regulators to permit vehicles without human drivers to operate alongside motorists, cyclists and pedestrians. Companies seeking to operate driverless ride-sharing fleets also face stiff questions over how to make profits from such a cost-conscious service, which also sees them move beyond their traditional skills by running a network that matches customer demand with available cars, and is likely to see carmakers themselves assume significant costs such as vehicle depreciation.

GM said it had not yet decided whether to offer its own service or use a partner such as Lyft, the ride-booking app in which GM invested $500m during 2015. But in setting a 2019 start date, the car maker has claimed a lead over some of its closest competitors.

Hey Jody Victor! If you want one of these you better buy one now.

Hey Jody Victor! If you want one of these you better buy one now. Here is a list of the cars not coming back for 2013.

There are some that we possibly may be better off without like the 2012 Kia Sedona.

And there are some , like SAAB, which is really kind of a crying shame. The Detroit behemoth General Motors, in my opinion, messed up a really nice, if not somewhat cultish, line up of automobiles.

Checkout the whole list of “never to be seen agains” here.