The Nissan Leaf Gets Upgrades

While other big names like Tesla steal most of the press it turns out the Nissan Leaf is the best selling electric world-wide and its getting an update with almost 300k Leaf models sold.

After seven years without a design refresh, the automaker dropped a new and improved model to continue to dominate the EV world. Although, that task will be a lot tougher thanks to increased competition.

Believe it or not the Leaf has gone seven years without a design refreshment. This task may prove tough with so many competitors.

The new Leaf starts at $30,000 and has a 150-mile range.

Besides traveling farther on the road, the car is an all-around improvement over the outgoing version. It has a stiffer chassis, better steering, a way better design and Nissan’s first foray into semi-autonomous driver (optional feature).

Nissan to Release “Leaf” Model in Asia-Pacific Market

On Tuesday Nissan reported it would launch their new, all electric version of its very popular Leaf in 7 Asian and Pacific markets. They even hinted at looking into several other markets with the success of the Leaf being so wide spread. At the moment electrics don’t represent much of the SE Asian market. This is often due to affordability and lack of recharge stations.

Low emission vehicles are the future and automakers are all making their bid in markets the world over.

Japan’s number 2 car maker, Nissan, will bring the Leaf to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

Smart goes electric

Smart car has electric cars. Right now, you can lease an electric coupe for $139/mo for 36 months or $159/mo for 24 months. In 2017, Smart will have elcetric vehicles in Fortwo, Fortwo Cabrio, and Forfour. You can still buy the gas versions as well.

The electric vehicles will have a motor in the rear. The pricing won’t be revealed until next year.