Honda Motor Company’s Honda e, company’s first mass-produced EV


Honda Motor Company’s Honda e will be available in October in Japan. It is the company’s first massed-produced electric vehicle.

Honda is looking at the end of October and the price will be about 42,000USD or 4.5 million yen. The car is targeted primarily at urban consumers. The Honda e will travel about 300 km on a single charge. Focusing on the compact size of the vehicle Honda sacrificed a larger battery which would have given it a more competitive range. The Honda e is less than 4 meters long!

The EV compact also comes with a parking system designed to assist drivers in narrow spaces. Again, the smallness is the attraction for urban customers. Door mirrors were removed to help with tight parking and instead rear cameras and a interior monitors replace the mirrors. The interior monitors are five screens arranged horizontally to provide as near to a natural view as possible.

The Honda e’s domestic price is lower than its competitors. The Nissan Ariya is about 5 million yen. The Tesla Model 3 is about that price.

The Honda e will also be marketed as eco-friendly and has already begun sales in Europe. Honda hopes to sell 11,000 units between the two markets in the first year.