911 GT3 Bests Predecessor’s Lap Time

Porsche premiered its new track-ready 911 GT3 in Geneva and it bested the previous model by 12 seconds with a 7:12.7 lap time. While cosmetically virtually the same, the 2018 GT3 is improved in most performance aspects.

Porsche reports that the vehicle has 20 percent more downforce, while maintaining the same drag coefficient. Porsche have created a version of the high-revving, flat-six engine from the GT3 Cup race car—this and a new crankshaft, intake system cylinder head and valvetrain all are a part of the team of improvements that power the the 500 HP, 8250 RPM and 339 lb-ft of torque which send the 2018 GT3 to 60 MPH in a blinding 3.2 seconds.

Assuming the Nordschleife track time of 7:12.7 is accurate, the GT3 is one of the 10 fastest production cars to make the run. However, the GT3 has nothing on the legendary 918 Spyder which made the run in a mere 6:57.

Despite that, those with a need for speed will likely be satisfied with the $145K production car that is the 2018 Porsche GT3.