Lfyt’s Urban Planners Champion Streets Made for Pedestrians, Bikes and Buses in Unusual New Move

As many other ride-hailing businesses Lyft has been negatively affected by the pandemic. In an unusual move Lyft is using its resources to create a team of urban planners who’s task it is to re-plan city streets that shift transportation focus from single passenger vehicles to buses, bikes and pedestrians.

Lyft has release case studies for what it has named “resilient streets.” These kinds of streets focus on multimodal commuting. In other words, many kinds of transportation options.

The plans go into detail about how streets in some major cities (Chicago, New York, DC) could have wider sidewalks for pedestrians and the streets themselves would favor biker and bus lanes. Some of the planning does clearly favor Lyft.

For example, expanded bike lanes could let Lyft expand its bikeshare service. Lyft already operates this service in the three named major cities.

Lyft said the company was motivated to make this move as cities came up with alternative transportation plans during the pandemic and embraced alternatives to cars. Lyft sees moving back to car-centric streets as a move backwards when cities have closed car streets to allow for more bikes and open dinning areas.

Lyft believes now that many cities have made the move from car-centric urban planning now is the time to push forward with the idea and not jump back to the old ways on a whim.


Did You Know Volvo Made Buses and Are Releasing a New Double-Decker?

Volvo Buses is set to debut an all new express coach that will join their 9000 range. It’ll be a double-decker, body courtesy of Carrus Delta OY out of Finland. The 4.25 meter tall double-decker is designated 9700 DD and will be part of the Volvo’s Nordic market.

The new 9700 DD double-decker will join the likes of the popular Volvo 9700 and the award winner Volvo 9900.

Volvo stated they wanted to increase the level of choice their customers have when it comes to express coaches for public transportation, this new double decker bus will give customers yet another solid option.

The new double decker offering is powered by the D11K460 an 11-liter 460 hp engine from Volvo and certified to run on diesel, HVO or B100 biodiesel.


Driverless cars: coming to a place near you?

It is estimated that by the end of next year, up to 30 U.S. cities will have driverless car trials on the road. This year, the first one will start in Tampa, FL in late spring. The trials will be run by Comet LLC, a consulting firm that works with automated vehicle commercialization. They are looking at colleges, theme parks, airports, and downtown areas.

They will be testing with vehickles developed by Veeo Systems and will vary from two-seaters to full-size buses. Some will have their own paths while others will fully integrate with traffic.

In Tampa, they plan to start with public transit around the Museum of Science and Industry and expand to the University of Southern Florida.

The U.K. will be running tests as well.

Joe Victor

Self-Driving Cars Will Be in 30 U.S. Cities by the End of Next Year