Some Thoughts on Winterizing Your Vehicle

When we think of winterizing our vehicles ice scrapers, deicing fluids, tires with appropriate tread, bags of sand or kitty liter and body and paint treatments are he common place considerations. The focus is usually on the car itself and not always on the comfort and safety of the driver and passengers.

Keeping extra blankets in the car is a fantastic idea—whether its disagreements over temperature adjustments, keeping yourself warm while the car heats up or a road side emergency having extra implements to maintain body heat is a great idea.

Not everyone prefers to wear giant snow boots to work and honestly who came blame them? Trudging around the office in snow-kickers all day isn’t exactly ideal. But keeping a good pair of warm boots, socks, a pair of heavy-duty gloves, a stocking cap and an extra winter coat in the trunk could save your life if you are stranded. Many of these items could be purchased from second-hand stores. Picking up a dozen of those oxygen-activated hand and boot warmers isn’t a terrible idea either.

Re-placing road flares is doubly important with the increase of low-visibility weather coming soon. Likewise, investing in a high-viz vest like road crews wear might be a good idea as well.

Finally, depending on how bad the snow gets and how remote the areas you drive through are keeping some food and water in the car might be advisable as well.