Robotics Expert Brings His Childhood Fantasy to Life

Typically, it is cartoonists, animators, CGI artists, writers, toy makers and theme park creators who spark the imaginations of children and the child-like awe of adults. However, in Japan, it is the engineers and robotics experts who brought this dream to life—in the style of the Transformers, a team of dreamers has built a human-like robot that can change into a sports car. And it can do it in about one minute.

The robot is named “J-deite-Ride” and was created by Brave Robotics. The company’s CEO, Kenji Ishida, is the man behind this futuristic fantasy. As a child Ishida was a fan of all the animated movies with transforming robots.

Ishida’s real-life transforming robot is white and blue and 12 feet tall. It can also carry two passengers in either of its two forms. Ishida has been criticized by some for creating an “expensive toy”, but Ishida told Reuters his intention was to inspire others.

J-deite Ride was developed along with Asratec, the robot consulting firm and amusement ride manufacturer, Sansei Technologies.