Questions about Self-Driving Cars

Here are some questions the Victor crew wonders about self-driving cars:

Will pedestrians become bullies? Self-driving cars will stop if there are pedestrians. We already see in big cities where pedestrians push the limit on when to walk but if they know a car is self-driving, will we see them going ahead and blocking the path?

Will drivers of regular vehicles become bullies? If they know you are behind the wheel of a self-driving car, they may just go ahead and cut you off in traffic.

What if you are trying to back out of a parking space? Will people and cars just keep moving behind you and keeping you from getting out of your spot? Unless they are looking to park in your spot you could be stuck for a while.

What about insurance? Will self-driving cars require this? Maybe not the full coverage we have now but there is always the possibility of damage from natural causes (hail, floods, etc.) or even other non-self-driving car drivers.

What would one have as a defense for someone that is showing road rage? The car did it?

What if you like to go over the speed limit by a couple miles and so does everyone behind you? Are you stuck doing exactly the speed limit?