Tom Cruise to Fly Real Military Planes in New Film

A new Top Gun movie will feature something special, but that movie goers have come to expect from Tom Cruise–he will do most of his own stunt work. It turns out ongoing talk about Cruise needing to figure out how to really fly military planes is valid.

The gossip originated from the British newspaper The Sun, which referred to an anonymous source. It likewise said that Cruise’s choice had made a genuine postponement in making the film, which would lead to a late release date.

The CEO of Paramount Pictures, Jim Gianopulos, is keeping queit on that, yet he confirms the initial bit of the rumor: Tom Cruise will do much of the flying in the film, including of the military planes. He would now be able to include another trophy to his shelf, which now includes riding motorcycles, driving autos, bouncing out of planes and doing the greater part of the real stunts his character is demonstrated doing in his films.

Addressing the Daily Mail, Gianopulos says that Cruise demands doing the greater part of his stunts, he “needs” to. He needs to convey persuading content, and that discounts the likelihood of utilizing stunt actors or shooting against a green screen and including CGI later. This is likewise what will place him in the pilot’s chair, flying a real military planes in “Top Gun 2.”

Woman Sues Over Allegedly Rigged Casino Game

Assume you thought you won a $134,000 vehicle in a casino game, yet the dealership associated with the casino declined to turn over the car? Also, to exacerbate the situation,  you got hit with due tax based on the worth of said vehicle?

Well, it is exactly what happened to Merida Manipoun, when she didn’t get the 2016 Aston Martin Vantage GT she believed she won. In November, she sued the Aston Martin store that partook in the what she claims was a fraudulent casino game.

Be that as it may, Aston Martin of San Diego and Viejas Casino and Resort, say Manipoun was excluded in light of the fact that she ignored the tenets of the game.

A month ago, U.S. Judge Anthony Battaglia of the Southern District of California declined to expel the suit against the store and its sales representative on procedural grounds, however their legal counselor said he’ll request to have the case put down.

Viejas Casino wasn’t able to be sued due its tribal status.

Tesla’s Auto Pilot to Be Questioned in Court Again

Tesla’s auto pilot software is again being tested in court.

Floridian Shawn Hudson is suing the electric vehicle producer, following an impact with a handicapped vehicle on Florida’s Turnpike that devastated the front end of his Tesla Model S.

Hudson guarantees the crash—which occurred while he was doing around 80mph on Autopilot—left him with “serious wounds” and is looking for an unspecified amount money. The claim likewise asserts that Tesla is deceiving customers into trusting its Autopilot framework can securely transport travelers at high speed.

In May, Tesla settled a legal claim from drivers who had purchased autos with Autopilot 2.0, a component that cost an additional $5,000 per vehicle, and which the drivers said was hazardous and unusable. In the settlement, Tesla put $5 million out for legitimate expenses and to repay purchasers of the improved Autopilot bundle from 2016 and 2017 with installments of $20 to $280.

While Autopilot’s upgraded highlights are Tesla’s steady strides towards building up a completely self-driving vehicle, it merits rehashing that they are not self-driving yet.

Waymo Autonomous Taxi Fleet Looking into Commercialization

Waymo’s self-driving fleet of Chrysler Pacifica Hybrids, so far, has had about 400 people sign up and use the service. So far these rides have been free. Soon, however, Waymo may start charging for those trips that Phoenix area customers have been taking.

During an investor’s call Ruth Porat, CEO of parent company Alphabet, said that the company was looking into commercialization and that some customers are now paying for rides. But there weren’t many other details.

Waymo has gone outside the box and thought about ways to keep the service free—to the riders anyway. The trips would probably cost the same as Uber or Lyft according to Waymo. But Waymo is looking into a somewhat unconventional idea—getting your destination to pay for the trip.

Hyundai Earns Red Dot ‘Brand of the Year’ 2018

This honor adds to Hyundai’s praises this year for its imaginative and pioneering design. The Red Dot Award is one of the esteemed international design competitions the world over. The Brand of the Year Award is given to an auto maker that has demonstrated advanced and inspired design. t.

This summer Hyundai won several Red Dot Awards for other models. These models included their Solati Moving Hotel, Hyundai Pavilion, Genesis Gangnam, Genesis Sound Design, Pioneer Film and Safety Hologram. These innovations won Red Dots in all kinds of categories.

Hyundai was also recognized for its effort in other areas including Retail Design, Sound Design, Spatial Communication, Film and Animation and Interface and User Experience Design.

The Korean automaker has been recognized by other organizations. Hyundai is also among the best global brands according to Interbrand 2018. Interbrand is a brand consultancy. Hyundai, overall, is ranked 36th among the world-wide brands. It is ranked 6th among the top 10 automotive brands.


Google’s Larry Page is the Admiral of Flying Car Start-Ups

Google’s Larry Page made an investment of an undisclosed amount to Opener. A flying car company that just unveiled a single person, electric, vertical take-off and landing, air vehicle called BlackFly.

Page also owns part of Kitty Hawk, the company behind the single-seat air vehicle, Flyer. Opener claims the BlackFly can fly has a range of about 25 miles and can fly as fast as 62mph. In both vehicles the pilot uses a joystick to manipulate the air craft.

Opener has been operating in black out mode since its beginning in 2009. CEO Marcus Leng flew a prototype vehicle at his home in Ontario, Canada some years ago. Since this product display, company pilots have engaged in more than 1,400 flights and 12,000 miles flown. The company moved to Palo Alto, California, about four years ago.

Like their competitors Kitty Hawk, the BlackFly’s developers view air vehicles as a way to free customers from the hazards and congestion of conventional roadways.

Volvo Gets Greener

Automobile maker Volvo has introduced 15,000 solar units at an auto production line in Ghent, Belgium.

The Ghent office likewise makes utilization of wind to supply around 11 percent of its energy utilization, Volvo said in a declaration Thursday. A heating framework introduced in 2016 cut carbon discharges by 40 percent.

Renewables have provided the power at Volvo Cars’ European plants since 2008. The organization has said it needs its worldwide assembling tasks to be carbon neutral and completely electric autos to represent 50 percent of worldwide sales by 2025.

Volvo said in a statement that they want their goal is for their plants to be as efficient as possible.

TomTom to Challenge Google for Fleet Management Market

TomTom is thinking about pitching its armada administration business to focus on contending with Google in automated car programming.

Offers on the Dutch organization bounced by 17 percent to 7.25 euros on the news. yet that just recuperated the loss of the one-day misfortune endured a week ago when Google reported an expansive supply manage a gathering of carmakers including Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

TomTom said it has started a vital audit of its telematics division, which encourages organizations to set aside some cash by utilizing programming to screen and enhance the execution of their auto and truck armadas and has been esteemed by investigators at around 700 million euros ($820 million).

CEO Harold Goddijn said the danger presented by Google assumed no job in TomTom’s choice and the organization needs to focus on offering route, activity and other programming to carmakers.

Aston Martin CEO to Create Scholarship Foundation for Industrial Apprentices

The CEO of Aston Martin, Andy Palmer, has revealed his proposal to create a charitable fund to help industrial apprentices. This program would be privately funded and would be supported by Palmer. Palmer began his own career as an apprentice. Support would also come from his wife Hitomi as well as shareholders and members of the Aston Martin Lagonda Senior Management team.

This would only be a beginning to the Palmer Foundation. Over time, scholarship access would expand to include other areas important to the audio industry such as legal, marketing and design.

The foundation will provide an opportunity for inspired young people to develop themselves by providing the tools they need to tap their talents and reach their full potential.
Later this year details about the foundation are expected.

Jaguar Land Rover Creates One-Off Future Car for Hulu’s “The First”

Hulu and Jaguar Land Rover have teamed up and JLR will produce a special one-off car for use in one of the streaming services original series. The custom Range Rover Sport will appear in the new near-future drama, “The First” in which a group of astronauts attempt to be the first humans to land on Mars. The show stars well-known actor Sean Penn, but the futurist ride will be driven by Natascha McElhone’s character Laz Ingram, a visionary aerospace mogul.

In the tradition of much science fiction the imagery of the near-future Range Rover is much more aerodynamic than its predecessors and adheres to a reductive style. Along with smooth lines and a subtle profile, the Ranger Rover features opaque mirrored privacy glass—which, of course, can become clear, regular glass in a matter of moments. Ironically, this glass technology actually already exists; however, it hasn’t yet been determined whether or not this effect will be practical or CGI.

You can check out this one of a kind Rang Rover by watching Hulu’s “The First” or by checking out the trailer and related videos on the web.