New Apple/Volkswagen Partnership to Create Driverless Shuttles

Apple and Volkswagen have teamed up to create a cadre of driverless shuttle vehicles for private mass transit. VW’s T6 Transporter will be get Apple’s driverless tech installed inside it. Apple approached others such as Nissan, BMW, McLaren and Mercedes-Benz before finding a partner in Volkswagen.

The Apple/VW autonomous shuttle development is located at Italdesign outside of Turin—the VW Transporters are getting new seats, dashboards and of course the required sensors and computers. Unsurprisingly the Transporters are also getting converted to electric power.

VW’s partnership with Apple is not its first affiliation with another company in the world of autonomous vehicles. VW has also teamed up with ride-sharing Moia, owned by the company Aurora. Aurora also is working with Hyundai on driverless tech.

While the Moia tech will be available to the public, as of now the partnership with Apple is a purely private venture. The driverless Transporters from VW will be used by Apple to shuttle employees between their two sites in Silicon Valley.