James Bond Cars: Skyfall

Movie 21: Skyfall (2012)
In this 2012 Bond film starring Daniel Craig, Bond is missing and presumed dead after an operation in Istanbul. M faces questions over his ability to run the Secret Service and gets a government review. The Service is attacked and Bond has to return to London. He is sent to Shanghai and Macau to chase Patrice, a mercenary. Bond finds there is a connection to Silva, a former MI6 agent captured and tortured by Chinese agents. He blames M for his imprisonment and sets out to discredit and murder M. Bond tries to save M to no avail but he lures Silva into a trap. Gareth Mallory becomes the new M. Bond returns to active duty.

Aston Martin DB5 is again in this movie driven by Bond. This features an ejector seat, front firing machine guns. Patrice drives an Audi A5 in Istanbul. M drives a Jaguar XJ (S351). Range Rovers are seen driven by police and MI6. Bond briefly drives a Mercedes S400 in China.

Side note: The song for the movie, Skyfall, won the 2013 Academy Award for Best Original Song, 2013 Golden Globe for Best Original Song, 2013 Brit Award for British Single, 2013 Critic’s Choice Movie Award for Best Son, and 2014 Grammy Award for Best Song Written for Visual Media