Jaguar Pilots “Carpe” Subscription Lease Vehicle Service

Jaguar/Land Rover is putting its newest commercial offering via its InMotion Ventures arm—this service will be a subscription based lease program on select vehicles. The service will be tested in the company’s home market of the UK before possibly branching out to other markets.

One pricing example the company gave was 1,134 pounds a month for a Jaguar E-Pace compact SUV. That included local taxes. For something like a Range Rover Sport, one is looking at 2,224 pounds a month. Carpe launched in the UK, officially, after its trial run from Jan-May this year.

JLR noted that the successful trial tells them that there is a demand for more flexible leasing. Something between a rental car and a 2-3 year lease. JLR wants to expand the available packages. Once JLR tests its home market with various packages and vehicles (like the Jag F-type or the I-Pace full electric), it may consider other markets.

JLR is falling in line behind other high-end automakers like Volvo, Porsche, BMW and Mercedes-Benz in offering this kind of short-term leasing based on a monthly fee. Carpe contracts are 12 months, unlimited mileage, and no deposit is needed.