Gas Powered Porsche Macan Gets One Last Update

Porsche is putting the final touches on a face lift for the 6 year old Macan. Extending the life of the SUV before the full EV version comes out in 2022.

The updated version of the gas model will be sold along with the completely electric version of the Macan as the global transition from fossil fuel vehicles to electric take place.

While official details have not yet been released the new revision should included tweaks to the front and rear bumpers, lights and a keenly revised grill profile.

Interior changes could be quite extensive though. The current Macan revision got a button-heavy HUD that Porsche phased out with the new Cayenne and Panamera. This will likely be a more modern, touch only infotainment HUD and touch sensitive physical buttons throughout. An updated steering wheel from the Panamera is possible as well.

There is no news on a powertrain revision and Porsche has not yet set an official release date for the final gas powered Macan update.