Ferrari Reveals New Hybrid Sports Car

Ferrari revealed their new plug-in hybrid sports car, though known for their roaring gas engines Ferrari makes another step into the electric motor era.

The 296 GTB is Ferrari’s third hybrid in series production. The SF 90 Stradale and convertible SF 90 Spider came before.

Ferrari stated the 296 GTB was designed for the peak of pleasure driving and that they hope the new model may attract those who were not interested in Ferrari before.

The basic two-seater will start at $321,000 USD and the high-performance version, Assetto Fiorano,” will cost about $359,000 with a top speed over 205 mph.

The296 GTB will be fitted with V6 turbo engine with the 122KW electric motor will produce 830 horspower. The electric only range of the vehicle will be around 25 km.

The Italian sports car and racing company known worldwide stated that their goal is to have a fully electric vehicle by 2025.