Musk/Tesla’s Bold New Financial Plan

Elon Musk of Tesla Inc. received a new compensation plan from his company with payments depending largely on the company’s stock prices.  Tesla is also about to report on massive cash losses, however. The plan is much the same as it has been: when Tesla’s stock goes up, Musk owns more of it

The big surprise is the company’s projections–its market value, they think, will increase by 12 increments. They say starting at $100 billion and going as high as an astonishing $650 billion. The surprise, the company’s current market value rests at only $59 billion.

However, Musk, maybe more so than the company, is taking all the risk. If the company hits none of its goals, Elon Musk doesn’t get a thing. Musk’s mental investment is hard to gauge. Already being a billionaire, Telsa’s success isn’t wrapped up in, necessarily, in the Chief Executive Musk’s financial well-being.



Ferrari 488 “GTO” Photo Leaked!

While the “leak” of Ferrari 488 GTO just wouldn’t have been complete w/o a photo leak. Well, that’s now been rectified via this image, which is currently doing the rounds on social media.

The quality isn’t great, but some things are crystal clear: it is a newer, so-called “hardcore” imagining of the 488. The front end bearing most of the redesign. The diffuser, rear spoiler, front bonnet and bumper are all carbon fiber. Newer images reveal the bonnet with deep vent, refereed to as an S-duct.The side blades are of particular interest, at the front of the forward wheels. The aggressive new skirt adds to the “hardcore” make over. And one cannot forget the all-important racing stripes.

The new 20-inch wheels are 40% lighter. The engine has its origins in the V8 488 Challenge racer.

What a NAFTA Renegotiation Could Mean for Car Prices in the US

The Trump administration’s goal for car sales in the US is for each car sold to have parts that are 85% regional. Under the current NAFTA deal, 62% of parts come from N. America. Of the 85% of regional parts the president and his team want 50% of them to be sourced in the US. Canada and Mexico see this as a deal breaker.

The Center for Automotive Research predicts a 450,000 unit loss of sales on imported light vehicles if the 35% percent tariff proposed by President Trump were enacted–this 35% tariff would apply to all vehicles not meeting content and manufacturing requirements.

IHS/Markit claims that 1.8 million vehicles produced in Mexico in 2016 were sent to the U.S. sales market. Experts say the U.S. simply doesn’t have the capacity to take on that level of manufacturing. Automakers would be forced to look elsewhere for their needs and would then have to pay the tariff. This would add anywhere to $5k-$15k to the sticker price of a new car. This could well result in a dangerous slump in the automotive business.


Carmaker Alliance Sets Up $200 Million Start-Up Fund

Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance is getting together a $200 million pot to fund a new mobile tech startup. It would be a 40/40/20 split between Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi respectively.

The new mobility tech fund due to be unveiled by Chief executive Carlos Ghosn at the CES tech industry show in Las Vegas next month will allow the auto alliance to move fast on acquisitions ahead of their competition.

The new fund will be revealed by the Carlos Ghosn, CE, at the CES tech industry show, Las Vegas, next month. Presumably to get moving on acquisitions ahead of their competition.

Buyers’ new propensity for favoring particular vehicles intended for certain requirements rather than the generally useful autos of today will prompt a decrease in private-auto possession. The expanding velocity of advancement, particularly in programming based frameworks will additionally build interest for upgradeability in secretly utilized autos. Availability, nearby independent innovation, will additionally enable autos to end up a stage for travelers to utilize their opportunity in travel arranged for to gainful exercises.

The Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi finance is being set up as a Dutch-enlisted joint wander headed by Francois Dossa. Renault has made ventures including Marcel, an auto sharing stage based out of Paris, and Jedlix, a Dutch brilliant vehicle-charging innovation creator. Renault’s venture arm took control of bombed on-request taxi-hailing application Karhoo to relaunch the business under new administration.