Do BMW and Mercedes Have Too Many Models?

Mike Duff, writing for Car and Driver Blog, reports that both BMW and Mercedes will bill culling their herd in the coming years and that those models to go will be mostly traditional coupes.

Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, stated “The specialty cars, these coupes and convertibles, were always niche cars,” to journalists at the Geneva auto show. “The expansion into China and other emerging markets [has given] huge opportunities for sedans, but they did not take up these specialty cars. Which makes the business case for these vehicles less easy.”

Zetsche made it clear Mercedes planned to continue offering at least a few coupes. Duff writes, “With both coupe and cabriolet versions of the C-class, E-class, and S-class currently being offered alongside the SLK and SL roadsters and the AMG GT coupe and convertible, there‚Äôs obvious potential to simplify the range.”

BMW’s Ian Robertson reported that the company had been struggling with their open sports cars, “The segment that is not really progressing is the roadster segment,” he said. “It never really recovered after 2008, and it never picked up in Asia. Therefore we’re working with Toyota on a platform to try to gain some economies of scale.”

What do you think? Is spoiling their customers with choice weakening sales? Or are luxury coupes no longer the in-thing?